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Welcome to the KTPF Paranormal Community & Talk Show

Originally established in 2007, the KTPF is a dedicated on-going Community, not just here for when your experiencing animosity from others.

We welcome every Paranormal Investigator and Enthusiast alike, including Hobbyists, Scientists and Psychic Mediums from around the globe, to join in as we cover this vast fascinating subject.

With a growing A-Z of topics within our Paranormal Community Forum, incorporating a section on Historical Research and various Religious Beliefs. Making this a perfect place to add your views and engage in friendly discussions as we encouraging you to share information, advice and most importantly...


Locations Database
We are slowly piecing together a list of haunted places, which will hold all the information needed, when choosing your investigations inc. Prices and Contact Details. You can also add any of your own recommendations too.

No Hidden Charges. All Information is free, but you must have a genuine website.

Remember this site is for you, so feel free to register to the forum, introduce yourself, share your experiences and don't forget to tell us about your own group, plus you can add your forthcoming events for FREE at Paranormal Events 4U.

Interested in The Supernatural, The Paranormal and Other Strange Phenomena?

Then Tune-in to our Youtube page and listen to our shows that have been broadcasting since 2012.
Our show focused on various subjects including Ufology, Cryptozoic, Conspiracies and Other Strange Mysteries and Phenomena. Plus the Paranormal News from Around the World.

It's been great talking to our guests over the years and learning new things within the Fortean World, but after long and careful consideration or discussion.. Steve and I have decided it's time to hang up mics with the KTPF Community Talk Show

We would like to thank all our listeners for tuning in and for supporting us over the years

Don't forget to sign our Guestbook and let us know you dropped by

We really appreciate your comments!
Whether your just visiting or a registered member, your always welcome.

Take care and enjoy all of life's adventures.
Remember Collaboration Not Competition



In this time of misinformation, and government controlled media it is required by law to inform you
that these shows are for entertainment purposes only.

We are also not responsible for the contents of external sites outside this domain.

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The KTPF Community Talk Show is taking a well earned rest after 4 years but you catch up on all our previous shows dating back to March 2012 on our Youtube Channel. 

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KTPF Paranormal Community

Established in 2007, the KTPF is dedicated to help bring
the Paranormal World together.

Encouraging everyone to share information, advice and
most importantly... 


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